What percentage of sexual assaults on college campuses

As someone who has worked on college campuses to educate men and women about sexual assault and consent, I have seen the barriers to raising awareness and changing attitudes. In my view, these are the men we really need to reach.Chief among them, in my experience, is a sense of skepticism--especially among college-aged men--that sexual assault is even all that dire of a problem to begin with. A new statistic So enter the headline from last week's coverage of the latest college campus sexual assault survey: "1 in 4 Women Experience Sex Assault on Campus." But that's not what the survey showed.David Cantor, a statistical fellow at Westat, the private firm that conducted the survey, suggests that administrators use the survey data to discover where reports are getting lost among the many pipelines that exist for sexual-assault reporting.“There could be a number of places that students could be reporting that have nothing to do with the university,” Cantor says.At many large state schools like UW-Madison, Van Orman says, “most of our students are living off campus, and most of those students who are assaulted are assaulted off campus.” In an effort to protect students’ privacy, the Clery Act also exempts certain employees, such as licensed mental-health counselors and religious advisers, from adding disclosures to the Clery tally.“Sometimes students think they did make a report, but then, when you dive deeper, you find that they talked to a counselor,” says Alison Kiss, director of an advocacy group called the Clery Center for Security on Campus.

Now, data from a survey released last month by the Association of American Universities (AAU) has revealed a second major problem with those numbers: They’re also undercounting the number of rape reports that schools actually receive.Still, such surveys are expensive to conduct—the AAU survey cost approximately ,000 per campus—and produce results that are highly specific to each school.The AAU survey, which was limited to a handful of prestigious or well-known universities, does not provide much useful information for other campuses, Kiss says.According to Van Orman, about half of UW-Madison survey respondents who say they reported a rape did so to a licensed mental-health counselor, meaning that none of those incidents ended up in official statistics.The idea behind designating confidential counselors is to allow students to seek advice and support without triggering an often grueling university or police investigation into the incident.

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