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These embrace a variety of topics including sociological theory, gender, employment, culture, ethnicity, ageing (Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender) language and communication, the sociology of organisations, sociology of childhood, sociology of sleep, the study of religion and values, sociology of development, the voluntary sector, the history of sociology, and the sociology of social policy. – New research from sociologists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst has found specific racial patterns in the outreach and response habits of heterosexual men and women using online dating sites.Lundquist and Lin also saw persistent racial preferences when examining daters’ response patterns.White women were found to be more likely to respond to men with a college degree than men without, but they would respond most often to white men above all other ethnicities.Practical support, training and information in the use of a range of software programs designed to assist qualitative data analysis.Platforms for debate concerning the methodological and epistemological issues arising from the use of such software packages.

This tendency to privilege a man’s whiteness over his achieved status is even more pronounced among non-college educated women, who are even more likely to respond to white men’s messages regardless of their level of education.White daters’ messages are likely to elicit responses from daters of other groups, but white women respond mostly only to white men.Black daters, particularly black women, tend to be ignored when they contact non-black groups, even though they respond to other races no less frequently.Research into methodological applications of CAQDAS. CRAG focuses specifically on the interconnections between gender and ageing.Ageing is an area of increasing policy concern, stimulated by recognition of the growth in the older population, the projected costs of pensions and health care, earlier ages of retirement from paid work, changing patterns of consumer behaviour in later life and the opportunities afforded by increased leisure.

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