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I admit to missing the details, but they are both at odds. She asks Millie to watch bebé feliz ('cause that worked out so well last time.) Millie is shocked "You're really going to leave him with me? She'll carry him around on her back like she did with Juan Jo if need be. The Jarochas and other vecindad folks show up to gossip about Burnie. He just wants Max to know that Ximena de Alba killed Linda. Chente hopes God doesn't forgive PJP and walks off. She told him Burnie had done something horrible and he did nothing. Eva's hatred for Dona Dementa is specific and understandable. He's going to do something lovey for the María's door. María can't understand who someone who claims to be so religious is capable of killing someone (really, María? ) and Maria says she's going to accompany PJP to the reclusorio (prison) to visit Granny. María explains that PJP was bound by the seal of the confessional. She is starting to understand her mistakes and will not end up like Bernarda. No one knows about this cell and no one is going to find out, got it? They will need to take care of things while she's in the clink. Burnie coldly informs her that Xi will be "la jefa" (boss.) Burnie dismisses Eva who is confused, dazed. The guard doesn't want problems with the authorities. I don't believe this "she's been cowed" scenario AT ALL. (Please note: Burnie is still perfectly coiffured.) Fer has made chilaquiles with love for Cruz. Millie, Chente and Napo (El Pollón) are also watching. Hail to the Chief Xi and Eva have come to visit Burnie in the hoosegow (from the Spanish "juzgado"- judged/a panel of judges.) Burnie has some instructions for her trusted employees. Her hatred is going to be her undoing (seriously guessing the dialog..hazards of watching online.) Fausto is really beginning to sound like a Mini-PJP. Tell Him Maria tells Alosno she is very confused about the engagement what with what's going on in PJP's world. She will have to be content that Maria and Fer love each other. He tries to explain that he didn't turn her it; it was Fausto. She says PJP will shed tears of blood for putting her through this. Stand by Your Dead Man Walking PJP is talking to Maria and questioning Operation Alonso. Maria says she will marry Alonso and make him happy in his final days. I wish Oz would dump the unforgiving, emotionally immature, and stunted Victoria. Fausto tried to tell Eva that she is becoming sick with hatred. Burnie and the whole world are gonna see who Ximena de Alba is. And really that would have been a great ending, but the lily gets guilded rather uselessly with.... I loved the "get out of hell free card" reference cuz her son is a priest.

Her usual aplomb is kaput and after a few "what the hell"? I suggest you rewind and watch this scene slowly because at the same time Xi is gloating and it is difficult to catch the two reactions at the same time. The new theme song fires up (not Abrázame that was used during María's pregnancy.) He's really happy about what's happened between he and María. Lately the woman has had an air of superiority and has forgotten she's just there to serve Burnie. For good measure, Burnie reminds Xi that her worst enemy, Maria Desamparada, will be on the catwalk during the bienal. They chit chat about recent events concerning Burnie. Maria says no..Vic and her pride are to blame for that. PJP asks how Vic can ask Maria to forgive if she won't even forgive. Meanwhile, the police are CSI-ing the fireplace at the Iturbide abode. Victoria became a control freak because she had no better example to follow and was unwilling to see why this is a bad thing. A little mumbling and María tells Alonso he's got to take care of himself. More "you should rest blather." Some mention is made of the quick wedding (they were both talking "a la vez") Alonso promises to rest. Get off your high horse, woman Burnie needs to get out of this place ASAP, but while she's there Xi needs to keep Eva in check. Maria says her sister is innocent of any wrong-doing. Let her go off with the pain specialist and make his life hell. She should let it go and let society's law punish Dona Dementa. I don't think we can compare Eva to Victoria here.Explain to me why Victoria should forgive Bernarda: Bernada killed Tomasa. Bernarda ran down Victoria with her car, causing her to lose Maria. I was wondering what happened to the inmate who was under Burnie's shoe.Bernarda took great pains to keep Maria and Victoria separated. Also explain to me why Maria would leave JPito with Millie again? I looked on dailymotion and they are up to capitulo 169 as of last night.

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