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They may have carried a money recognition device, a colour recognition device, a screen-reader and a magnifier.Now they can download a screen-reader app, magnifier app, money recognition app and colour recognition app to their phone and just carry the software around.Smartphones and tablet PCs have revolutionised mobile technology and the way we communicate today.They have also transformed the Assistive Technology (AT) market for people with disabilities.Being able to download apps to your smartphone or tablet PC means you have a small, integrated device to store everything you need, rather than having a number of pieces of stand-alone equipment.This makes it cheaper, easier and more efficient for people with disabilities to perform a wide range of tasks.Different smartphones run on different operating systems.The operating system is the software the phone uses to provide all its functionality and it determines how the person navigates around their phone, accesses the internet, finds and downloads apps and their general experience of the phone.

For example, before the introduction of smartphones and apps, someone with a visual impairment may have needed to bring a number of items out and about to ‘see’ for them.

For example, app accessibility is very mixed, with some apps being extremely inclusive and others being completely inaccessible.

App developers need to think about accessibility when developing their apps to help ensure accessibility and inclusion.

Before looking at the apps in more detail, it is worthwhile first talking about the smartphone and tablet devices.

Some of these devices could in fact be described as assistive technology as they have recently been developed to include various accessible features which can simply be 'turned on' if required, making them easier to use for people with disabilities.

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