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This isn’t to say nobody can ever win a Nobel Prize.But winners will probably be people with access to new ground that hasn’t already been covered by other -seekers.For example: Eliezer’s wife Brienne had Seasonal Affective Disorder.

This proof of God’s omnibenevolence is followed by Eliezer’s observations that the world seems full of evil.

Brienne tried some of these and they didn’t work; her seasonal depression got so bad that she had to move to the Southern Hemisphere three months of every year just to stay functional.

No doctor had any good ideas about what to do at this point.

The market economy is very good at what it does, which is something like “exploit money-making opportunities” or “pick low-hanging fruit in the domain of money-making”.

If you see a bill lying on the sidewalk, today is your lucky day.

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Eliezer did some digging, found that existing light boxes were still way less bright than the sun, and jury-rigged a much brighter version.

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