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(These accounts have been edited for this internet publication) Prior to the meeting, Vassula had received this message from Jesus: June 11, 1993 They were discussing as the meeting started and I was listening.

After around ten minutes their voices started to disturb my soul and were becoming heavy and painful, hurting my soul.

When I returned I saw that Vassula had collapsed into Pat Callahan's arms. I had seen Vassula endure the Passion at least twice, once in Switzerland and once in Pittsburgh. Each separately and both together we tried to raise Vassula from the floor.

The experience had not occurred in the last 18 months. Pat Callahan knelt beside Vassula and wrote as she spoke. There was a message for Father Ljudevit Rupcic, OFM, and a message for the Conference. In the construction business Pat has had experience lifting objects weighing several hundred pounds.

When the experience was finished, Vassula, with little noticeable effort, raised herself to a sitting position and reoccupied her chair.An image struck me of how far everyone, including me, is from sanctity and how peace was missing within each soul.Sorrow started to creep in me to the point that I felt great agony.Pat Callahan of Trinitas, publisher of the original handwritten edition and Mr.John Lynch met in Vassula's hotel room to discuss policies concerning the distribution of the Messages of True Life in God.

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