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A more precise definition of protein unit is a compact sub-region of the 3D structure corresponding to one sequence fragment.

DHc L (Domain Hierarchy and closed Loops)is a server for the analysis of basic structural units of a protein.

All data is retrieved from different sites on the Internet, that make their annotations available using the DAS protocol.

It is possible to add new annotations to SPICE, and to compare them with the already available information.

Currently it is the only tool that offers this kind of integration at this speed. Gorelovka Episodes from the Life of a Disappearing Community (trailer) Map-1, Map-2, Doukhobor Genealogy Website 48 minute documentary film about Georgia Doukhobors by Alexander Kviria, 2010. Location of former village Ofir in Uruguay, near New Isrealites in San Javier, and Dukh-i-zhiniki about 20 miles northeast. Armenia Undiscovered, 2008, pages 12-14 La Petite Russie du Nord de l Armnie, article: Marc Grigorian. Inikova, Russian Academy of Sciences Calendar of Doukhobor Holidays in the Caucasus, by Jonathan J. Clay, ASU Medieval Academy of America / Medieval Association of the Pacific, Annual Meeting, Scottsdale, Arizona Session 44 (page 26): Radical Religionists Through The Ages, April 16, 2011 - pm The Theater of Heretics: Liturgies of Religious Dissenters in Seventeenth-Century Muscovy, by Dr. Doukhobors in the Caucasus, 1863-1864, by Alexander Petzholdt, German scientist, traveller-explorer. Schaarschmidt from Der Kaukasus: Eine naturhistorische so wie land- und volkswirtschaftliche Studie (ausgefhrt im Jahre 18) (H. Kuznetsova, MR 2009, Early Russian evangelicals (1874-1929) : historical background & hermeneutical tendencies based on I. Kargels written heritage, Ph D thesis, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa. 46-49 "Little Russia" in the North of Armenia, By Mark Grigoryan. Holidays and Rituals of Doukhobors in the Caucasus, by Svetlana A. PDBe Motif can be used to examine the characteristics of the binding sites of single proteins or classes of proteins such as Kinases and the conserved structural features of their immediate environments either within the same specie or across different species.The Pro Func server had been developed to help identify the likely biochemical function of a protein from its three-dimensional structure.

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